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Urban Eyewear
Eyewear brand that reinterprets modern-style metal frames with classical feelings. It is the nature of metal and means to divide various kinds of metal into nine kinds of series. (9ACCORD) We are directly operating the metal factory which is the ...

Korea [2017-11-29]

CTA Plus Co., Ltd.
CTA Plus that realize Automation based on Credit and Technology" We, CTA Plus, has grown into a specialized company in measuring instruments and automation equipments ever since 2002. We have been providing automation equipments and solutions for ...

Korea [2017-12-01]

Denstar Co., Ltd.
We DENSTAR integrated manufacturer of dental devices, have developed rapidly and are pursuing to be a leading company with accumulated ultramodern technology and strong financial basis, and with quality of global level, in spite of many difficulties ...

Korea [2017-12-01]

Ecophycotech Co., Ltd.
We make use of microalgae, which is highly sensitive to global enviromental changes, as a parameter in understanding our environment and strive to lead bio-industrialization of microalgae, applying environmental and biotechnologies. Using chlorella ...

Korea [2017-12-19]

HanBangMeIn Cosmetics HBMIC
Hanbang Mein Cosmetics is a leading Korean natural skincare manufacturer who is dedicated to the production of quality skincare products for the individual use and professional use since 1985. The company has a professional team which is capable of ...

Korea [2017-12-20]

Alpha Green Co., Ltd.
Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home. Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit. Plastic injection eyewear manufacturer ...

Korea [2017-12-21]

Wonjae Industry Co., Ltd.
We always focus on technology and new products in future fusion field. Established in 2001, Wonjae Co., Ltd. has been giving the best effort for differentiation from competitors with our company slogan of "Stronger! Safer! Smarter!" From steel ...

Korea [2017-12-23]

Wonsan E.T.S
Our company was founded in 1975 as a company that manufactures precision parts processing and M /C for the purpose of developing unmanned automation equipment. Based on the accumulated technical skills and proficient skills of research and ...

Korea [2017-12-27]

Bokju Co., Ltd.
Since Our founding in 2009, Bokju has been devoted itself to only supplying clean, healthy, and sustainable water. We have been continuously developing new technologies to manufacture eco-friendly modern water tanks. We are now delighted to fulfill ...

Korea [2017-12-28]

Hosoo Co., Ltd.
Durable Construction Starts with Detailed Design. Hosoo Co., Ltd. manufactures industry leading seating systems using detailed design and the highest construction standards. We constantly seek to improve our products by using top quality materials to ...

Korea [2018-01-09]

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