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Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Coated Aluminum Circle
Coated Aluminum Circle

Coated Aluminum Circle

1. Distinctive Feature

  • The newly developed product which electrochemically etching handled aluminum was coated with fluoro resin in special method. It is the coated product in sheet state before the deep drawing or so forth deformation processing. Even deep drawing or so forth deformation processing will not damage the coated surface. (Patent Registered)
Processing Capability
The fluoro resin was adhered to aluminum plate directly by solitary etching technology, so the adhesive strength is superior. It can be used under the deep drawing processing or other so forth special processings.
Anti-corrosion Capability
The anti-cohesion capability is predominant because of 100% pure fluoro resin, so the cleaning and washing is much easier.
Heat-Resisting Capability
Can be used continuously under 260 °C temperature condition.
The outstanding durability of coating surface under the actual application condition due to the strong adhesion of aluminum and fluoro resin.
The safety and harmlessness is guaranteed for the food hygiene tests.

2. Usage (Applied Products)

Inner vessel of electric rice cooker
Inner vessel of the Baking Stove
Camp Cookware
Inner vessel of electric rice cooker
Electric water boiler
Electric Tisan Boiler, Parts for the Humidifier

3. Product Specification

Thickness (mm)
Diameter (mm)
0.6 ~ 3.5
280 ~ 630
- Other standards are also available, so please contact us for your needs

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