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[ Company Profile ]

1. Purpose of establishment:

- Existing shoe makers set the center axis to the front of the toe from the inside of the foot.
However, Corrigo slippers set the center axis down to the metatarsal 1 through the metatarsal 4 and 5 at the heel. We wanted to commercialize the footwear outsole for the Corrigo pattern/style.
- We will improve the quality of life by alleviating pain, improving sports performance and strengthening concentration for seven billion people around the world by selling Corrigo shoes and ensuring better posture.
- Our motto is to help growing children wear appropriate shoes to ensure they keep their feet flat and develop better posture.

2. Company Overview and History:

- Established in December 2015 by CEO Shin Kwan-ho (Gumi Ban-go Hospital, Department of Pain Medicine)
- Revenue 1 million won in 2015
- Sold in the Bangogae Clinic of Pain Medicine, in Gumi and Daegu in 2016 (1 ~ 2 pairs / day)
- Aug. 2016 Completion of production and sales of low-level insole
- September, 2016 Completion of slippers for posture correction and commencement of sales
- September, 2016 Shoe development completed for sales commencement
- May 2017 Launch and sales of entire insole
- Launched Navy Slippers in May 2017
- August 2017 White Slippers launched
- Focus on sneaker production as of June 2017

3. Corporate Vision

We aim to increase the quality of life by relieving the suffering of customers suffering from chronic pain by expanding our business areas (smartification) from the current sneaker insoles to outsoles and towards our vision of becoming a total footwear manufacturer.

4. Slippers Support Partners (provision of sponsored slippers every Thursday)
1) Call mobilization
2) Kyungdong Elementary School
3) Shin Ae Nursery School
4) International Association for Handicapped Cultural Exchange
5) Shinmang Welfare Cetner
6) Daegu Child Welfare Center
7) Eden Won
8) Everlasting Love Childrens Center

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icon Buyer / Seller in EC21   Seller
icon Business Type   Manufacturer
icon Year established   2015
icon Employees total   6 - 10
icon Annual revenue   USD 100,000 - 500,000

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