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Daebon Co., Ltd.

Herb Tea&Product
Donguimatchum Tea Bag

Donguimatchum Tea Bag

1 tea bag a day for my body
It's healing time for mind and body Enjoy it now
  • We have created its functionality and the best taste with the optimal golden ratio Patent application 10-2016-0103330
  • How to make functional Nelumbo Nucifera seed tea
  • You can have the fun to choose it every day

The kind of tea bag 20 tea bags in one pack

  • Parched Nelumbo Nucifera seed tea / Fermented Nelumbo Nucifera seed tea / Finger root tea/ Peaceful night tea / Pepermint adzuki bean tea / Kemonail / Lemonglass tea / Burdock tea / Tea for women / Refreshing day tea / Buckwheat tea / Adlay tea / Warm tea / Artichoke tea / Refreshing after tea / Energy tea / Boxthron tea / Tea for men / Tea for my body

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