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HanBangMeIn Cosmetics HBMIC

DIA Whitening Line
DIA Whitening Ampoule (30ml)

DIA Whitening Ampoule (30ml)

DIA Whitening Ampoule 30ml

Total whitening skin reviver especially focused on clean & white skin 

  • Features
    This whitening ampoule controls dermal melanin pigment in dermal tissue, and provides enough moisture to prepare the best base of skin condition for the following step of DIA Whitening Serum. It softens, refines skin as smooth as silk without greasing. You can feel clear and vital skin like lucid morning dew.
  • Ingredients
    Wild Ginseng extract, Arbutin, Vitamin C (Nano Liposome), Oil-soluble Licorice root Extract, Schizophyllum commune mycelia culture fluid, Actifirm TX, Betaine, Bio-hyaluronic acid, Squalan, Vitamin E, Natural plant complex # 4, Natural plant complex # 7
  • Directions
    Followed after DIA Whitening Ampoule Skin, 1~2 drops (0.3ml) apply to face to be well absorbed into skin with gentle, fingertip massaging motions, inside out, through skin texture.

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