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HanBangMeIn Cosmetics HBMIC

Skin Care Product
Silky Collagen Essence (500ml)

Silky Collagen Essence (500ml)

Silky Collagen Essence (500ml)

It is the essence providing the skin elasticity with finely filling the inside of the rumpled.


  • It speedily absorbs into the skin which has less Collagen providing the skin with flexibility and elasticity and the lesser active, rough and loosen skin, so, you can experience the toned and fined skin. Whitening complex product developed on its own company effectively works on the dull skin caused by various factors like ultraviolet rays, stress, temperature change, lack of sleep and unbalance of hormone, which makes the skin clear and transparent.


  • High Concentrated Collagen, Allantion, Chamomile Extract, Schizophyllum Commune Hypha Culture Medium, Silk-Peptide, Lipidure -PMB, Portulaca Extract, Ainsliaea Fragrans Extract, Aloe Extract, Natural Vegetable Complex Element#4, Natural Vegetable Complex Element#7


  • Pump it once or twice (0.3ml) and softly spread it from the inside to the outside along the skin texture.

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