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DnB Total Solution
DnB Premium Total Solution

DnB Premium Total Solution

Total care for all skin types including troubled and sensitive skin
Non-irritating and safe Total Solution for acne skin that needs treatment

Egg yolk antibody(IgY) and BHA compounds soothe the skin in a pure yet powerful manner!

Formulated with various natural ingredients such as egg yolk and white willow bark, it works to soothe sensitive skin cause by ance, Making it suitable for excessive oily skin and sensitive skin. It functions to relieve red, uneven, irritated and damaged skin and control soil and moisture as well as sebum, leaving the skin fresh

What is an egg yolk antibody(IgY)?

  • It contains an egg yolk antibody made using eco-friendly ingredients derived from nature.
  • Life Science research center and egg yolk antibody, IgY
  • A key natural antibody, lgY, was developed jointly by Dan Biotech and Department of Biological Sciences in Dankook University through the process of separation, refinement and inoculation of organisms such as P.acne, and S. epidermidis that cause skin troubles. It is effective for acne and troubled skin.

Development process of egg yolk antibody.

DnB Premium Total Soluon Composition

[DnB Snail Premium Foam Cleansing]

  • It removes makeup and the production of sebum with extremely soft bubble
  • Volume : 150ml

[DnB Total Solution Moisture Skin]

  • Regulate oil and moisture in your skin with fresh moisture skin free of alcohol
  • Volume : 130ml

[DnB AC Solution Moisture Essence]

  • This essence contains a large amount of egg yolk, relieving and soothing sensitive and stressed skin caused by skin troubles.
  • Volume : 30ml

[DnB Total Solution Moisture Lotion]

  • Total Solution Moisture Lotion absorbs into the layers of dead skin cells and deep inside the skin, making the skin flexible and soft.

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