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Overview Daegu eTrade

daegu tower Daegu eTrade is an Online Trade website featuring best products of Daegu. We introduce the highly-qualified various Daegu products to the many visitors and we give them every convenience for successful trading online.

Daegu eTrade Service

Product P. R. through an Online Catalog
We offer highly-qualified, various kinds of Daegu export products for easier searching by On-line Catalog systems. You can quickly get the product information from "Search" & "Catalog browse".
Online Trade Function
From the product information view, we present the functions that allow you to easily make Business Proposals, send/receive Inquiries, register the offers, and do various other trade activities online.
We present e-Brochure to provide the various kinds of highly-qualified information. You will be satisfied with the excellent, more detailed information from e-Brochure.