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Daegu eTrade site is B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers find their partners, advertise their products on this site.
There is no access limitation to this site. However, registration of products and company is vailable to members only. The export companies located in Daegu can be a member.

Searching Product and Company

You can search information of Daegu's trading companies and their products by the name of product or company.

Searching by Keyword Select 'Product’ and ‘Company' of menu bars or enter keywords directly at the front page after choosing category such as Product Item, Product Group, Company Info.

  1. Product Item : Select when you search for each product item
  2. Product Group : Select when you search for product group
  3. Company Info : Select when you search for company information

Searching by Product Category You can see the list of product categories on the front page. Select product category that you are looking for and click it.

Search Result

  1. With clicking 'Search' button or product category, you can see the search results and the number of related information by the above categories as well.
  2. If you click product name or product image, you can have the details of information. If you click the name of company, you can have the details of company information.
  3. When you try to search another information, click another category or enter another keywords on thesame page.

Searching Trade Leads

You can search the Trade Leads directly by keywords, or find them by category.

Posted Trade Leads are categorized into 2 sections:

  1. lOffer to buy: posted by buyers for purchasing products.
  2. lOffer to sell: posted by sellers for selling products.

Keyword search After selecting a Trade Leads in a section box, input one or more words in a keyword box.
If you input two words or more, the searched Trade leads will contain all of the words by default. Select the sections of Trade Leads after searching is completed, then you can see the only selected part.

Category search If you know the category of Trade Leads you want to search, you can find the offer information by narrowing down the category. And if you input a keyword after selecting the category, you can find the offer more easily. Select the sections of Trade Leads after searching iscompleted, then you can see the only selected part.

Type search Select offer types after selecting Trade Leads in a section box.

Sending Inquiry

nquiry is a sort of E-mail to send a message to a buyer or a seller regarding his/her products, buying/selling leads, or any other information. If you want to contact with the company you find, click the Send Inquiry button You can send inquiries to a seller of buyer through several different routes.

Send from search result page After you complete search from eTrade.Daegu.or.kr, you can click an item to be linked to a company’s homepage or products or buying leads page, selling leads page.
From the web page, you can simply click ‘Inquire Now’ button to send an inquiry regarding the products, buying/selling leads, and companies.

Send a reply from ‘Inbox’ in My Page (Members only) If you have once received an inquiry from your business partner, you can conveniently use our inquiry management system.
From the message you received, you simply click ‘Reply’ button to send a reply.

Posting Trade Lead

In ‘Trade Leads’ Menu , please click ‘Post Trade Lead’
* Selling trade lead is that only registered member can make out.

Member Registration

There is no special registration process to use this web site.
But the web site by nature, presenting products & company information are mainly composed of exporting featured products that represent Daegu. So, it may go through the confirmation & inspection process by webmaster to register products & company information and then you can use.

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